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On May 29 Kem Meyer, author of the book Less Clutter. Less Noise. will be stopping here on her blog book tour.

Kem spent fifteen years in corporate communications before taking on the role of Communications Director at Granger Community Church in Northern Indiana. She’s given numerous presentations on technology in the church and practical communication strategies. Her book Less Clutter. Less Noise. presents great insight on presenting a more engaging experience for people through good church communication.

Less Clutter. Less Noise.In addition to her guest entry, I’ll be giving away a free copy of the book to one lucky reader. All you have to do is comment on either this entry or the May 29 guest entry. In your comment, tell me why you think good communication is important to the kingdom of God.

One thought on “Free book giveaway. . .

  1. Granger does some great work communicating. This book should be a great read. So more promotions, flyers and brochures aren’t what the church needs? Drats! 🙂

    I just gave a talk at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NYC where one of the anchor points I tried to get a cross is the difference between strategic and opportunistic approaches for businesses and work. So many times our ministries and activities are driven by the same opportunistic factors: What fire needs to be put out. What events are coming up next week? next month? OMG! We need to promote them, get more sign-ups (not buy-in!). Or ABC opportunity is available, but only in the next fill-in-your-immediate-urgent-window-of-opportunity-here timeframe. Or. . .

    When we think things out with intentionality, we find that we need less, but do more. Say less but mean more. Promote less, but pursuade more.

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