The evolution of man. . .

I remember feeling so small standing next to my dad. I was a child exploring this immense world, standing in the shadow of a man I didn’t understand, but fully trusted to protect me, teach me things, and lead me.

As time progressed, I evolved into a man separate from my dad, but in so many ways just like him. I know I am an individual soul, formed by God, and stewarded by my dad. I hope I have the fingerprints of both on my image.

No matter what changes may have taken place, I’m still my father’s son.

And no matter how far we travel from our Creator, we’re still the children of God. We often need to be reminded of this fact. Sometimes God knocks us on our backs to remind us. But more often he sends us moments like the one my friend Beth had today to remind us that we are nothing more than children who need our Father for love, knowledge, and even for life itself.

Father, you’ve done everything for me. You’ve given me breath, you’ve given me love, and you’ve given me a desire to find you. Expand that desire in me, Father-God. I want to be completely unable to handle life without you. I want to be so dependent on you that the very air I breathe fails me the moment I try to breathe it without your strength. I want to live in nothing but your love.

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