Love = an excuse to give chocolate. . .

The association between love and chocolate is fairly ubiquitous. You don’t have to look very far to find someone expressing love through chocolate. Admittedly a bit cliché, but when February 14 rolls around every year, there isn’t a girl alive who would turn down an offer of rich, creamy, sugary, cocoa love. Now, do you think there’s anyone who wouldn’t feel loved somehow if you were to offer some chocolate?

So let’s get creative. What kind of signal do you think it would send if Christ followers gave out some chocolate to people?

Okay, so it’s not exactly a profound metaphor, but the association is still there. And who in his right mind would interpret a chocolate gift as a symbol of judgment?

The post was certainly a bit contrived. But the point here is to challenge you to think outside the box. Could it be possible for us to share God’s love without proselytizing? Could it be possible to tell people about God’s wondrous gift of salvation by genuinely caring about them instead of looking to convert them to this Christian religion?

So I guess this post isn’t about the chocolate. Like Rob Bell, founding pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church, often says: “This is really about that.” The chocolate is really about . . . .

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  1. Sweet deal..definitely enjoying the ‘outside of the box’ thinking as well. I also love that reference and his incredible “tour guide” abilities. Can I also say how awesome it is that most of the staff members have blogs!

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