Modern hymn of the week. . .

I thought I’d start a new weekly tradition of posting some lyrics to a favorite hymn (much like Anne Jackson’s Friday Lyrics, except that for now, I’m gonna stick with hymns). Feel free to comment with lyrics to one of your favorite hymns or praises. In fact, I encourage it!

This song struck hard because these last few weeks I’ve wandered far from my Savior. I’ve fled from my Shepherd’s pasture and wandered off to places I’m not welcome. Yet when I cry out for Him to find me, He is faithful to come searching.

“Hymn” by Brooke Fraser

If to distant lands I scatter,
If I sail to farthest seas,
Would You find and firm and gather
‘Til I only dwell in Thee?

If I flee from greenest pastures,
Would You leave to look for me,
Forfeit glory to come after
‘Til I only dwell in Thee?

If my heart has one ambition,
If my soul one goal to seek,
This my solitary vision
‘Til I only dwell in Thee,
That I only dwell in Thee

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