An example to follow. . .

Have you ever seen someone you wish you could be like? Have you ever observed someone’s relationship with God and thought, I’d love to commune with my Creator like that?

I was mystified by that fervor when I came across it. I made mention of my admiration of her fellowship with Christ, and she responded, “You don’t know me that well. How can you know of my walk?”

One doesn’t have to know her well to observe the kind of relationship she has with her Father.

I saw her steal a quick prayer for no reason apparent to me. I watched her raise her hands in surrendered worship to her Maker. I witnessed the feverish intent with which she strove to remember the words of her Savior.

I saw the symptoms of an intense love and desire for God.

And it made me wonder if those symptoms could be seen in my life. It made me ask of myself, “Does my love for God permeate every part of my being, spilling out so that those around me can see my desire to know and serve Him through those kinds of actions?”

I sometimes feel slightly ashamed when I see that kind of desire for God. It makes me wish I could experience God the same way.

But it would be a tragedy if I stopped there. Because that feeling of shame will lead to despair, at which point I’d be following a religion, not faith. Instead, I see that she’s given me something to aspire to. She’s given me the hope that, if I simply allow God to continue the good work He began in me, I too can have that kind of intimate fellowship with my Savior.

So what about you? Do you have an example to follow? Is there someone in your life you can look at and say, “He truly longs to serve God.” Not perfect, but asking God to make him so.

One thought on “An example to follow. . .

  1. My really good friend Paul is someone who I have always seen as having really solid faith that I try, and a lot of the time fail, to aspire too. I think most people, if you were to tell them you thought they had an amazing fellowship with Christ they would probably not believe it, I certainly wouldn’t. Our own sin is usually what is most apparent to us in a moment like that, but because Christ has covered that all the Good Fruit that we bear is what is most apparent to others. Just my thoughts 🙂

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