They’re learning. . .

February’s theme at Liquid Kids is “Fairness.” As we talked about what it means to treat everyone fairly, one little boy in a Jets Brett Favre jersey decided to give his two cents.

LK Leader: “If someone is mean to you, should you treat him the same as you treat people who are nice to you?”

Danny: “No.”

LK Leader: “Really, Danny? Why do you say that?”

Danny: “If he’s mean to you, maybe something bad happened to him. So you should treat him better than you treat people who are nice to you because he really needs it.”


Sometimes I get discouraged when I feel like the kids just aren’t getting it. But there are moments when they show us that they actually understand what we’re teaching them.

Like nine-year-old Callen, who, practically out of nowhere, recited the Bible verse for the month when I fully expected only one kid (not Callen) to remember it.

And then there are kids like Danny. I didn’t teach him that. His parents may have, but probably not explicitly. He’s observing the world around him, taking note of how things work, watching the people who are setting examples for him, and realizes that there’s more to this life than what he can see.

I can’t wait to see what he can do.

One thought on “They’re learning. . .

  1. This is what happens when God reveals himself through the unexpected. Sometimes it takes the innocent eyes of a child to be able to understand what God is really telling us. It’s a blessing, a really true blessing, that this leader was trained to see that sometimes instead of telling a child that they are wrong (at first impression) that take the initiative to understand the child’s reasoning. It really takes leadership on your part and Bill’s part to be able to teach that to your volunteers, and that kind of leadership is only taught from God and God alone. I can’t help but praise God for this. What’s also amazing is that other children must have heard this and probably now have a changed perception of thinking. Trust me, if I realized this when I was younger and was a victim of bullying and was constantly hurt by so many “mean people” in my life, my life would have been drastically different. You have been blessed with observing the very simple and compelling parts to our world that constantly remind us about how unfathomable and amazing our God is! Go God!

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