What does true love look like?. . .

I came across this article recently, and I couldn’t help but resonate with the writer’s frustrations. Have we forgotten what it means to be Christ-followers?

At Liquid Kids this Sunday, I walked the children through Christ’s final meal with his disciples. I’m sure that since Jesus knew he was going to die soon, he chose his words very carefully. The words on his lips were these: “Love one another.” He said that love would be the defining feature of all his followers.

So why isn’t it the defining feature of his followers today?

Take a look at the Christians roaming the country today. The church-goers glaring at the visitors who stole their seats at the Sunday service. The preachers pounding the pulpit, proclaiming New York/Chicago/Las Vegas/San Francisco to be the new Sodom and Gomorrah, and calling down God’s “wrath” on these cities.

Remember Jesus? Remember how he wept and called out to the city of Jerusalem, longing for the rebellious metropolis to come back to his love?

Perry Noble said this in a message last week: “God didn’t call us to condemn the city. He called us to rescue it.”

Have we forgotten how to love like Christ? Have we forgotten what true love looks like?

Christ’s description of love is one of complete self-sacrifice. We have no right to talk to anyone about hell until they know that we’re willing to die for them.

The greatest command from God is to love. Even Christ’s “Great Commission” takes a backseat to his command to love. We can’t effectively fulfill any of his commands if we can’t truly love.

So before you open your mouth to people about their eternal destiny, ask yourself, “Am I willing to put my life on the line for this person?” If your answer is no, don’t say a word to them about it until you can answer yes.

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