Inside out. . .

So much has changed in the Church at large.

She’s become more focused. She’s begun to shed some fat. She’s been down so many roads, and she’s beginning to rediscover her purpose.

But she still has a long way to go.

My brother and I were chatting with a friend about the Church subculture. This “insider-club” mentality that runs rampant throughout Churchianity.

Why can’t we get our coffee from a local coffee shop? Because our church has a coffee shop!

Why can’t we buy books from Barnes & Noble or Borders? Because our church has a bookstore!

Why can’t we go to a lounge to hear some underground band? Because our church’s coffee shop/bookstore doubles as a small venue for underground bands!

What impact can we have on the community if we aren’t willing to enter it? How effective can we be if we would rather create our own micro-culture than engage the culture around us?

And why are we still holding potluck dinners when there’s a world at our doorstep crying out for guidance?

Do you want to know why churches aren’t growing? Because they’re too busy trying to get people on the outside to come inside to them.

What if the Church went to the people instead? What if the people on the inside reached out to them?

How different would the Church be?

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