To boldly go. . .

Exploration. Discovery. Mystery.

Do you ever feel like life is an adventure? I often do. I constantly feel a sense of excitement as I round the next corner of my day, or draw the next line on the map of my week.

It’s exhilarating to some degree. There’s always the question, “What’s going to happen next?” Am I going to find something new around the bend, or will I reach another point in the rhythm I’m in for now?

That adventure is what drives me to discover myself to a degree. I know I am the creation of an infinite God, so the depth of my being is potentially limitless. The paths on which I may travel have almost no boundaries.

The “glorious unknown” spreads out before me, waiting to be unearthed, discovered, and explored.

And therein lies the beauty of what God is doing. I am the product of boundless love—unadulterated, passionate, and powerful—love that has an infinite number of facets yet to be sought out.

I long to explore that love, to discover, if I can, the “universe” of God’s incomparable love.

Most of this vast expanse has yet to be understood. Much like the starship Enterprise on her missions of exploration, we can search until we’re decommissioned. But in the end, we’ll leave almost the entirety of this “universe” unexplored.

Yet from our perspective, we will have learned so much.

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