A new perspective (pt. 1). . .

I’ve been mulling over the book of Revelation lately. There are all sorts of differing views on the topic, so I’ll avoid going into detail. I do, however, want to take you on a journey of sorts through my own battle with the Bible.

The journey began during a class I was taking that explored the Bible as a piece of classic literature, not simply as a “handbook for life.” (Let’s face it, reading an instruction manual wasn’t exactly the most exhilarating experience ever.)

I discovered something fairly quickly as I studied Scripture—the Bible cannot be taken as one giant piece of literature. Each portion must be viewed as its own piece. For starters, the Bible was not written by one man. It was penned by hundreds of people over thousands of years.

There are portions of the Bible that were written with the purpose of literal interpretation. For example, “After the uproar ceased, Paul sent for the disciples, and after encouraging them, he said farewell and departed for Macedonia.” It’s straightforward and comes from a book that discusses a historically accurate account of the formation of the Church. So we can justifiably infer that there was a real uproar, that Paul actually encouraged the disciples, and that he left for Macedonia.

However, not all of Scripture is to be interpreted in such a way. For instance, “Behold, I am laying in Zion a stone, a cornerstone chosen and precious, and whoever believes in him will not be put to shame,” probably should not be taken to mean that we will not be embarrassed if we believe in a building’s foundation.

So it’s with this premise that I began my journey. And what I discovered shook the world I’d known for almost my whole life.

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