As a friend. . .

I was reading though Exodus recently, and I was struck by the beauty of the narrative. It’s a sweeping epic tale of the humble beginnings of the nation of Israel brought about by the overwhelming power of the Almighty.

And in the middle of this whirlwind was a man named Moses—a man who was born a slave, raised a prince, trained a shephered—a man with the audacity to defy the king of the most powerful empire in the world.

But like so many times throughout human history, God chose to use the ordinary to accomplish the miraculous.

Moses was not the epic leader we think of him as.

Sure, Egypt may have hailed him as her future king. And yes, he led Israel out of her captivity under Egypt’s fist.

But Moses was a coward who was full of excuses.

He ran away after killing a man, afraid of his royal family’s power.

When God gave him the charge to lead the Hebrew people out of Egypt, he whined. “I can’t face Pharaoh. Who am I to such a great king?”

You mean, other than a prince who might have been in line to take the throne of Egypt?

But God says, “I will be with you.” The Almighty has placed his Spirit upon Moses.

And still he complains?

“But what if they ask me who sent me? What do I tell them?”

Moses, isn’t it enough that the God of the universe has asked you to do something and has given you his power to accomplish the task? You have to keep worrying about the hypothetical?

“But what if they don’t believe me?”

Jeez, Moses! What do you want, a miracle?

“Oh, I forgot. . . I suck at public speaking.”

Who created you, Moses? Who gave you the ability to speak? What does God have to do to get our attention?

And as annoyed as God might have been with Moses, there’s a sentence in Exodus 33 that reads: “Inside the Tent of Meeting, the Lord would speak to Moses face-to-face, as a man speaks to a friend” (emphasis added).

God doesn’t come to us as a friend because we ask him to. He doesn’t bend to the will and desires of humans. God speaks to us as a friend because he wants to.

His words are right in front of you. He’s writing to you as a friend. Are you paying attention to him?

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