Home to something new. . .

I’ve lived between downtown Morristown and Madison for practically my whole life. With the exception of a few bars and clubs, I’d say I was pretty familiar with the local flavor of these towns.

But despite having walked up and down Main Street in Madison so many times throughout my life, I seemed to always miss the best things about it.

For instance, on the corner where Main Street becomes Park Avenue, there’s a little coffee shop called Drip. It’s a quiet little placed tucked away and not nearly as prominently displayed as something like Greenberry’s on the Green in Morristown. But there’s something wonderful about this place. The smiles, the laughs, the soft rock playing in the background.

How have I missed this place over and over again?

And then there’s Poor Herbie’s. At the end of my search for the perfect tavern lay this great little place. It’s close enough to be convenient yet not so close that it feels redundant. The food is great, the beer selection is excellent, but neither of these is what draws me in.

I feel at home there. Comfortable. Happy.

How is it that you can feel so at home in a place that’s so new to you?

In many ways it’s a lot like connecting with God. We go through life, seeing the same things over and over again, reading the same passages in Scripture over and over again, and we miss the best truths God has for us.

And when we discover them, it’s like finding something completely new and unexpected.

But at the same time, it’s like coming home.

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