Fears. . .

I’m about to get a little bit raw here.

I’ve got a handful of pretty big fears (especially because of the kind of work that I do). Sometimes my fears are in response to questions that people have posed.

I’ve been asked before (though thankfully not as often as one would expect) how I expect to be effective in family and children’s ministries if I have no family of my own. And to be honest, I don’t have a legitimate answer for that. And that scares me.

I’ve found myself echoing that question in my own mind over and over again. And I truly am afraid that I’ll be ineffective until I gain that hands-on experience of leading a family of my own.

So what then? Do I settle for a second-rate ministry until God sees fit to put me in the role of a husband and then father? Does my ministry have an “effectiveness ceiling” because my understanding of the family has a ceiling?

Or how do I answer the angry parent who doesn’t fully understand my approach to teaching his/her child when he/she asks me what I know about raising children?

Do I even have a clue?

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