Belief. . .

One of the awesome things about my new job is the opportunity to listen to men who are far smarter than I am dialogue about spirituality. I love sitting in on many casual conversations that take place in the kitchen/conference room. But there have been several occasions where I’ve been pulled into a conversation.

Today was one of those occasions. One of our pastors looked at me and said, “Commit this to memory: Romans 4.3.” When this guy says something, I know I need to listen. He’s one of those men whose opinion is cherished throughout the office.

So today I after work I decided to read through that passage.

“For what does the Scripture say? ‘Abraham believed God, and it was counted to him as righteousness.'”

The ramifications of this sentence floored me.

For practically my entire life I’ve added so much to the Gospel. But when the question is asked—”How can I be made right with God?”—the answer strips all that away.


My favorite story in the life of Jesus is the story of Lazarus’s death. The story is a microcosm of everything that Jesus came to earth for. He enters our world in the middle of our deepest suffering and pain. He looks at the pain and sympathizes empathizes with us. He even cries with us. He then does battle with the pain and breathes life into death.

After Lazarus died, Martha, Lazarus’s sister, approaches Jesus in the middle of her pain and essentially asks, “Where were you?!” And instead of comforting her or reassuring her, Jesus reminds Martha of who He is.

“I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die.”

How reassuring is this statement when your brother just died?

And then Jesus asks her point blank. “Do you believe this?”

Her response is staggering. “Yes, Lord, I believe. . .”

And in believing, she was given a front-row seat to Christ’s duel with death.

Believe, and God takes you into His family.

Believe, and God shows you how mightily He fights for you.

Believe, and God makes you right with Him.

Martha’s doubts didn’t go away before she believed. None of her questions were answered before she believed.

She believed, and then she saw.

It’s the same thing for us today. Seeing is not the catalyst for believing. Believing is the catalyst for seeing.

When we believe, we see just how powerful God is.

When we believe, we see just how much God loves.

When we believe, we see that God wants us with Him.

But all this is possible only when we believe.

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