Top Ten Posts. . .

Since my thirtieth birthday is coming up in three days, I thought I’d celebrate by compiling a top-ten list of the most visited posts from over the years.

Hope you enjoy some Monday morning memories!

1. Some thoughts on Noah. . . – April 4, 2014. I’m honestly a bit surprised this one was the most visited all time on the blog. It’s a newer post and hasn’t had the time to pick up the readership of some of my older posts. That said, I’m really glad this one is at the top.

2. To my future bride (whoever you may be). . . – June 25, 2009. This one is still going strong after almost five-and-a-half years, though it has been dethroned as number one by my Noah post.

3. Rob Bell vs. John Piper. . . – March 2, 2011. This one was a little interesting to go back to because it reveals a little bit of my past reformed leanings. I even wrote, “I would affirm the truths set forth by [Mark] Driscoll, [John] Piper, and [Justin] Taylor.” Oh how much I’ve changed in just three years.

4. Rob Bell’s Love Wins. . . – March 21, 2011. Here’s another one I would probably write very differently now. Thanks to my rather in-depth study of the New Testament guided by N. T. Wright’s writings, my tune on this topic has changed quite a bit. Still, it’s fun to see where I once stood theologically.

5. Fear in love. . . – September 1, 2009. Ouch. I think 2013 me could’ve learned a thing or two from 2009 me.

6. Shorts and flip flops at church. . . – June 28, 2008. I wrote this one about a year after returning to Christ and less than a year after leaving fundamentalism. Even back then I was stirring up controversy!

7. An odd story. . . – December 10, 2013. I’m simultaneously sad and encouraged that this one has been read as often as it has. It’s an unfortunate truth about my alma mater (and other Bible colleges and universities like it), but I believe these truths need to come to light. That’s why I’m grateful that G.R.A.C.E. is about to publish their report about the abuse that has been taking place at the school.

8. Non-Christian missionaries. . . – September 26, 2011. Missional methodology and praxis are things that have fascinated me over the years. I still struggle to reconcile my own church-going habits with my beliefs about how we’re supposed to approach and engage the non-church culture. I’m thankful for my friend Mike from Christian Associates who has mentored and taught me as I explore this facet of theology.

9. What does true love look like?. . . – March 17, 2009. This one was a bit startling to read. It’s encouraging to find posts from my pre-reformed days. My thoughts made so much more sense back then.

10. Always. . . – March 21, 2010. When I re-read this post, I felt like someone else had written it, and I was resonating with their heart. This is still one of my favorite posts. I pray that you can relate to this one too.

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